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Using a qualified nurse, Cornerstone can ensure that your clients are provided with the care most appropriate for them. Cornerstone can act on your behalf, representing you and attending to the health and welfare aspects of your elderly client affairs.
This enables you to offer your clients a professional, expert advocate with care that is second to none, ensuring you offer your clients a fully rounded service.
Based on a health and social needs assessment Cornerstone will explore the care options available and assist your client to make an informed decision regarding the care solution that is right for them, whether this is by a suitable care agency to deliver care at home enabling home based independence, or by finding a suitable care home.

Ongoing advocacy
Cornerstone is able to provide your clients with ongoing advocacy and support, carrying out regular visits and reviews and ensuring the care being delivered is of the highest standard.
You will receive written reports following visits to keep you fully informed of your clients’ progress and any issues that have arisen and been dealt with.
For relatives who are distant in miles or relationship it can be a comfort to know that a professional, independent eye is being kept on their loved one and that concerns are identified and acted upon quickly and effectively.

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