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For Families / Individuals
Finding care, whether at home or in a care setting can be a daunting task. Using a health and social needs assessment carried out by a qualified professional, Cornerstone can help find the right care for you.

Do you, a friend or a relative need help to find care at home?
There are many care agencies to choose from and sometimes finding the right one can be difficult.Cornerstone help find the right agency to enable and maintain home based independence.
Through a comprehensive health and social needs assessment, Cornerstone will identify and agree the level of care required. A suitable, registered care agency can then be sourced and liaised with to plan and deliver the right support in the most appropriate way. The care agency will invoice the fee-payer directly for the care they provide.

Do you, a friend or a relative need help in finding a care home?
Cornerstone will carry out a full assessment of all health and social needs and will gather information and identify suitable care homes. We will visit them on your behalf and  provide you with a report. This will enable you to make a fully informed decision about which home best suits you.
Cornerstone will assist with the transition from home into a care setting, to ensure comfort and security in your new environment.

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